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Press for You Will Know Me

"Their lyrics and moods are derived from spiritual and intellectual sources that would be a waste in a club filled people pounding cheap beer. No, Love And Radiation's 'You Will know Me' begs to be listened to with a keen and observant ear. That way the listener will become fully engulfed in the chaotic synth-avalanche at the forefront of 'Heart Eater' or the warm floating vocals of 'Look For My Sign.'"-- Loud Loop Press

"You Will Know Me certainly makes a statement with its title, as the eight tracks present a stirring helping of lush vocal harmonies backed by minimal but effective electro beats and layers of synth and guitar, evoking an ambient style of synthpop that is as chilly as the duo's hometown but warmly melodic and inviting." -- ReGen Magazine

"Their sound is the perfect combination of edgy and beautiful, where pulsating synth lines keep time for airy delicate vocals, as if Grimes and Lykke Li started a side-project together." -- The Owl Mag

Press for single Three Kingdoms:

"Their musical style is an alluring concoction combining moody Siouxie and the Banshees overtones with more flamboyant Brit electro pop sounds ... The results are fabulous -- catchy and serious. 8/10." -- Tasty Fanzine

"Three Kingdoms is a lively synthpop track with a danceble beat, stunning vocals and a cool instrumental hook. Love and Radiation are a pick to achieve wide success and we can't wait to hear the whole album."
-- Floorshime Zipper Boots

Press for Ganymede, the first single from Love and Radiation's forthcoming debut:

"Dark synths set a sinister backdrop while some truly haunting vocals cry out from the shadows. . . . Behind the goth exterior is an easily dance-able beat and some pulsing electronics, giving you no excuse to be sulking in the corner whenever you hear Love and Radiation." -- The Record Stache

"...the track "Ganymede" (announcing the duo's first album) draws its inspiration in rituals that are as dark as they are fascinating." --E & P (French)

"Edgy electronic dreampop with dark undertones." -- Sounds XP

"The Chicago synthpop duo continues their impressive mastery of haunting and beautiful dance pop... Love and Radiation are one of our favorite artists and our pick for much wider recognition." -- Floorshime Zipper Boots

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